Good Ethics is a Good Business!

To help and respect “the other” is the best managerial teaching  

  • Recognize and address the need for a new inclusive and sustainable economy​
  • Create new and socially innovative solutions to old needs       
  • Build a new sharing economy
  • Facilitate profit and non-profit boundaries to blur away                      
  • Promote collective entrepreneurial attitude 
  • Spread authentic ethic behaviour 
  • Exalt the superior efficiency of private solutions

Respect for  “the Other”: Win-Win Economy

How to Adapt, Sustain and Grow Our Social Entrepreneurs

Innovative Networking    

A network of 45 entrepreneurs to support Social Entrepreneurship in the Sicilian Context. We strengthen Communities and support social Start ups by inspiring and supporting effective giving of our entrepreneurial network    

Economic & Social Developing

We identify key concerns and develop initiatives to address local development, as well as opportunities within the area.

Inspiring Good Economy

We inspire and provide meaningful ways for people to enhance and sustain the Good Economy and help ensure a vibrant, healthy future for our Social Start Ups

Un Network di imprenditori per supportare i Social Entrepreneurs.
Attiriamo Business Angels e
investitori che credono nella potenza dell'innovazione sociale.
Sviluppiamo competenze e Know-How
che possano aiutare le imprese tradizionali ad apprendere ed innovare, e le Social Startup a diventare Changemakers.
Con il Patrocinio della
Regione Sicilia

Con il Patrocinio della
Regione Sicilia
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